Well Permitting Info & Instructions

Permit Forms

Aggregate Permit Application

Annual Water Use Form

Major Amendment to Permit Form

Minor Amendment to Permit Form

Permit Application Operating Class A & B
(Maximum capability of pumping 200 gpm or less)

Permit Application Operating Class C
(Maximum capability of pumping between 200-600 gpm)

Permit Renewal Form

Transport Permit Application


Will I have to permit my water well that I use for domestic use?  Livestock use? 

Permitting would only be required if you have a domestic or livestock use well that is capable of pumping more than 50,000 gallons per day, regardless of casing size.

What other wells are exempt from requiring a permit?

By state law, wells used for mining or for supplying a rig drilling for hydrocarbons are exempt. Wells drilled for fracking purposed may require a permit.

Is my lawn sprinkler system considered irrigation? Will my irrigation well require a permit?

Watering a typical lawn or garden would fall into the category of domestic use and would not require a permit, unless the well is capable of pumping more than 50,000 gallons per day. Irrigation of crops does require a permit.

What does it cost to permit my well?  

For new wells, Class A is $ 25.00, Class B is $ 50.00 and Class C is $ 75.00.

Does my well need to be metered?  

All Class C wells require a meter, however, the Board reserves the right to require a meter on other permitted wells.         

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