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The District is governed by the Board, which is composed of seven elected Directors. Each candidate or appointee must qualify to serve as a Director in the manner provided under Section 36.055 of the Texas Water Code. A person who so qualifies to serve as a Director on the Board is thereby entitled to participate in all votes relating to the business of the District regardless of any common law doctrine or any statutory conflicts of interest, incompatibility, or similar provision to the contrary.

As set forth under the District Act, Directors serving on the District’s Board serve staggered four-year terms and are elected by the voters according to the Act creating the District. The District shall hold an election to elect the appropriate number of directors on the uniform election date prescribed by Section 41.001, Election Code, in November of each even-numbered year. Directors of the District shall be elected as follows:

The Directors of places 1 through 4 must reside in Colorado County Commissioners Precincts 1 through 4, respectively, and are elected by the voters of the applicable commissioners county precinct.

The Directors of Places 5 through 7 must reside within the boundaries of the District and are elected at large by the voters of the District.

To be eligible as to serve as a Director, a person must be a registered voter.

A person shall indicate on the application for a place on the ballot, the position on the Board to which the person seeks to be elected.

When the boundaries of the county commissioners precincts are redrawn after each federal decennial census to reflect population changes, a Director in office on the effective date of the change, or a Director elected or appointed before the effective date of the change whose term of office begins on or after the effective date of the change, shall serve in the precinct to which elected or appointed even thought the change in boundaries places the person’s residence outside the precinct for which the person was elected or appointed.

If territory is added to the district, the board shall change the method of electing Directors as necessary to ensure that all district voters are fairly represented. A change in the method of electing Directors adopted by the Board under this subsection shall be implemented at the next Directors election at which change can be implemented consistently with the Election Code and federal law.

Officers shall be elected on even numbered years for terms of two years at the first Board meeting following the election or as such time as is necessary to fill a vacancy. The Board shall elect a Director to serve as President, one to serve as Vice-President, another to serve as Secretary, and a last Director to serve as Treasurer.

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